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On Being a Webmaster

On Being a


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My name is Kristi Dittmann, and I have been an independent webmaster and coder for 15 years.


Before that I was a computer programmer for a few financial institutions.


OK, so I'm a geek. And I work from home.





I created this blog for sharing thoughts and ideas with other independent webmasters who can relate to their "Inner Geek".


My blog discusses webmaster challenges, asks for your help, and offers tips on things (I think) I've figured out along the way.


I hope other geeks will join me - you know who you are!


Blog on Being a Webmaster
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Kristi is Webmaster at W3Now Web Design.

She has worked from home for 15 that explains it.




Kristi Dittmann is webmaster at W3Now Web Design. She has been a computer programmer for many years, and a web developer for 15 years. Her university degree is in Computer Science with a Minor in Sociology and emphasis in Mathematics.


The areas she is most expert in are:

ColdFusion web development, PHP web development, SQL Server Database, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


She is also a good resource for starting up a small business in the United States. She has helped many companies start up and be successful on the Internet via their website and Internet Marketing. 



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