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On Being a Webmaster

On Being a


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On Being a Webmaster

6 Ways to Know You're a True Webmaster

We webmasters are fighters. Just when we think we've figured out how to make a program work, we get knocked down again - by our computer. It's a constant battle between human and machine. Yes, computers have fists, and they can give you a black eye.


Late last night this thought came to me. How do you know you're a true Webmaster? Over the years, I've noticed 6 things that seem to repeat over and over...I wonder if anyone else has the same story?


1 You are humble. You've been at it long enough to know you are no match for a computer. A computer is perfect and you are not. By now you know it, understand it and embrace it. This is the first step in knowing you're a true webmaster.  


2 Then, one night you jump up from your desk screaming "I'm a fricken genius!" (but you don't use the word "fricken").  Ah! It's that magical moment when the weeks of coding suddenly come together and it WORKS!  It REALLY WORKS! You fly out of your chair with both fists clenched, throwing your best Rocky Balboa impression - bouncing around the room and punching the air.  But no one notices because it's 3:09am. The dog is still snoring under your desk and no one can hear you because, by now, you have been re-located to the basement.


3 After one night of being a genius, your confidence has soared.  You are the greatest of all webmasters, and no one else can do what you do. You are the Charlotte of the Web and no one can catch you. Next, you start giving (unsolicited) advice to others and consider becoming a professor at the University.


4 You believe you are such a great webmaster that you decide to take on that project that would have been over your head just a week ago. No problem for a genius like you!


5 After weeks of this project, you are moping around the house and mumbling to yourself. Then one night you finally find the answer to "the big coding problem" in that twilight zone between sleep and consciousness. Sitting bolt upright in bed at 4am, you yell "I've got it"! Your husband rolls over and says "Good for you, honey". He doesn't remember this in the morning, but you do because you've been in the basement since 4:01am trying to program that damned twilight solution.


6 You are humble. You have been at it long enough to know you are no match for a computer. A computer is perfect and you are not. By now you know it, understand it and embrace it. This is the first (and last) step in knowing you're a true webmaster.


The project? Well, it was delivered a little late. But after many sleepless nights, hundreds of Google searches and how-to articles, you discover once again that you are indeed a genius.



Article written by Kristi Dittmann March 1, 2014 at 1:41am. It came to her in that damned twilight that explains it.



Kristi Dittmann is Webmaster at W3Now Web Design.

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